A comprehensive range of medical grade skincare products customized for maximum efficacy to create and maintain healthy skin.

Formulated by dermatologist Dr Patricia Yuen, who constantly researches the latest industry development, SKINSENSE is a non-comedogenic, vitamin C-based line that in corporates the latest skincare technology for more effective delivery of active ingredients into the skin.

Dr Yuen created SKINSENSE to make doctor-approved skincare available for you.

All active ingredients used are medical grade and evidence-based.

Sebaceous / Acne Prone Skin
Acne-prone skin requires specialized formulas to help clear blemishes and prevent future ones from forming.

Our range of acne products provide essential functions like cleansing and moisturizing without clogging pores or causing breakout.
Sensitive Skin
When your skin is feeling especially sensitive, simplify your skincare routine and use formulas with ingredients that are both efficacious and gentle.

Our range of innovative and soothing skin care is suitable for people with allergic skin prone to itching, redness and flaking.
Mature Skin
Deep wrinkles, fine lines and coarse skin texture are commonly seen as our skin ages.

Keep your skin hydrated and plump with our anti-aging products that can help correct the signs of aging while preventing future damage.
Pigmentation & Spots
Pigmentation can occur naturally or be caused by sun damage, inflammation and hormonal changes.

Reverse the damage with our products specifically designed to minimise the appearance of pigmentation.